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Translations in various language combinations

All our translations in the different language combinations match the highest quality demands. The native language principle, i.e. only native speakers translate into the desired target language and the four-eye-principle are essential and applied prerequisites.


Only use of professional software

Established standard and quality software applications such as TRADOS and SDLX are used. Thus, we can also set up and take care of a personal terminology database for each individual client or continue with an existing database provided to us.


Main focus

We are active predominately in the following areas

  • Travel and tourism

  • Business, services and trade

  • Health Services and medicine

  • Energy management

  • Agriculture/agricultural machinery.

Adaptation of texts*

You will not get far with a simple word-for-word translation. This applies, for instance, for advertising texts. They not only need to be translated but must also be adapted to language, style and specification. Know-how of the cultural background is indispensable. Feel free to contact us!

*We would like to note that we process such projects via a Danish partner to make sure that you are not charged according to the artists' social insurance fund.



We fit layouts/designs of translated documents after previous agreement.

Administration of oath

For most of the language combinations, we can also offer a sworn and certified translation.



We can also proofread your work. For this, we have a native speaker proofread your text, thus giving it the finishing touches concerning orthography, grammar, punctuation and style.


You want more?

You need a service that is not specified above? Please contact us! We will try to find a solution to your problem. As an example of such, we have been able to prepare a translation for a client requesting the unusual language combination Low German (northern German dialect) – Sønderjysk (a Danish dialect spoken only in the southern part of Denmark).